Does Belfast Mic Tours provide the bikes?
No, you bring the bike to us, either your own or a rented bike, check online for rental bike schemes in Belfast, rates will apply plus terms and conditions.

What does Belfast Mic Tours provide?
A radio receiver and headset, a helmet, (all participants must wear a helmet) a Hi-Vis Executive vest, Insurance, and a local, knowledgeable, cycle guide.

What do I need to bring with me?
A bike, (serviceable and roadworthy, complete with a usable bike lock, route not suitable for racer bikes with very thin tyres) a drink - water, juice (no alcohol), enclosed footwear (no flip flops), a waterproof jacket (Game of Thrones' ‘Winterfell’ isn’t filmed in N. Ireland for nothing!), a snack may also be a good idea. Though some of the route can be quite exposed and windy, the sun does ‘sometimes’ shine upon us, so sun cream and sun glasses may also be required. Also bring some money as we will be stopping off on route and of course a device for taking pics.

Are there language choices?
The tour is currently conducted in English only, though your guide will speak as slowly and clearly as possible.

How do I book?
Mic n Hike tours can be booked by clicking the 'Book Now' button on the main Mic n Bike tour page - then it's a simple case of choosing a date with an available scheduled tour.
Bookings are processed by our booking agent Tiny Tours - please check their website for booking terms and conditions.

Where is the start point?
We start at the Plaza area in front of the Dock Café close to the SS Nomadic ship in the Titanic Quarter (see home page for map). You must be at the start point 20 minutes before the tour begins. The tour will begin promptly at the advertised time, if you know you will be late please ring ahead, though Belfast Mic Tours is under no obligation to change or amend times or routes for latecomers. No refund will be given for latecomers.

Where is the Finish Point?
The tour ends at Custom House Square or if this area is not available, across the road at the ‘Big Fish’ Donegal Quay.

Is there a minimum number?
The tour will go ahead with a minimum of 2 people, if you are the only person to book on a tour we may book you onto another tour, if this doesn’t suit we may refund you. Belfast Mic Tours welcome independent travellers.

Can I use my phone/tablet/selfie stick etc. whilst cycling?
No, there will be opportunities to take photos and check phones at various stops on route but definitely not whilst cycling.

Smoking is not permitted on the tour.

Do I need to be very fit and an experienced cyclist?
No, the route is over flat roads and cycle ways with some sections where we cycle in traffic in the city centre, so as long as you are reasonably fit, can cycle confidently over a 2 hour period (including stops) for approximately 11km at an easy pace, you should be fine. You cycle guide will carry out a brief assessment of cycling ability as part of the Safety brief before the tour begins.

Will the tour go ahead in bad weather rain etc.?
Yes, Check the local weather forecast before you head out, be prepared for bad weather, parts of the route are quite exposed so warm comfortable clothing is recommended.

Also bring a waterproof jacket, the tour will go ahead in the rain, if it’s a heavy shower we may wait a few minutes until it clears. In the event of very extreme weather your guide may cancel the tour for Health & Safety reasons, in this case you will be offered an alternative tour or a possible refund. Cancellation of a tour is at the discretion of Belfast Mic Tours.

What’s the minimum age?
11 years old, though anyone under 18 must be accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult at all times, all participants must demonstrate they can control their bikes safely for the duration of the tour and are confident cycling in traffic.

Is there a car parking?
Yes there is pay and display carparks close to the start point (5 min walk), rates are available onsite.

What happens if I get a puncture or my bike develops a problem?
If you own the bike and the problem is easily resolved, you cycle guide may be able to stop the tour briefly and give some assistance, if you have a hire bike your cycle guide is not permitted to touch your bike. Depending on the location and time, it may be possible for participants to replace a hire bike, but this will be at the discretion of your cycle guide. Generally the hire bikes are pretty rugged and the bike hire providers keep their bikes well maintained.

We also may be able to re-schedule you onto another tour, but this will be dependent on availability.

Is it safe to cycle in Belfast?
Yes, since the introduction of the very successful Belfast City Council ‘Belfast Bike Scheme in 2015 and the ‘Cycle to Work’ scheme, cycling has become more popular for recreation and as an alternative method of transport in Belfast.

This has led to a greater awareness of cycling and the needs and safety of cyclists in Belfast. In the last few years more cycle lanes and cycle ways have been developed in Belfast, some of which are utilised on the Belfast Mic n Bike tour.

Because Belfast Mic n Bike uses a state of the art wireless communication system you cycle leader can update you about the route ahead, and of course highlight interesting features and give you a bit of Belfast ‘Craic’ on route.

The wireless system is used responsibly, the cycle guide will mute the mic at traffic lights and road junctions where the participant’s full attention is essential.

Can I continue cycling after the tour?
Yes, your cycle leader will advise you of further cycle routes and interesting locations you can visit by bike in Belfast, and tell you where you can find out more about the topics raised on the tour. You can also check out Cycle NI for more information