What should I bring with me?
Comfortable shoes, you will be walking on pavements and roadways, and clothing suitable for the weather (always a good idea to always carry a raincoat or umbrella any time of the year in N. Ireland, they don’t film Game of Thrones Winterfell here for nothing!) A bottle of water and maybe a snack may also be useful.

What do Belfast Mic Tours provide?
We provide a local, qualified and experienced guide, and a state of the art discreet radio receiver and single ear piece.

Are there language choices?
The Tour is currently conducted in English only, though your guide will speak as clearly and slowly as possible (we normally speak very fast in Belfast!).

Where does the tour start?
The tour starts at the ‘Big Fish’ Donegall Quay, on the banks of the River Lagan, close to the Belfast city centre (see map on home page). The ‘Big Fish’ is also highlighted on any tourist map of Belfast. (Its also across the road from the Albert Clock).

Are there any hills?
No, it’s all very flat, on pavements and roadways, a few steps to negotiate walking into the Harbour Office (Mon-Fri).

Is the tour wheelchair/mobility scooter friendly?
Yes the tour is wheelchair and mobility scooter friendly but it should be noted that there will be standard kerbs to negotiate, the Harbour Office also has a wheelchair lift to allow access into the building. (Access is Mon-Fri only).

Is the tour suitable for children?
Our thoughts are that the tour would probably suit children over 11 as there are quite a lot of historical and political references, though you know you children better than we do so it’s really up to you.

With regards the £10 per person cost we will only charge for participants using the radio system, so if you have young children you want to bring along that’s fine they will not be charged if there not using the system.

Is the tour dog friendly?
Yes, as long as your dog is on a lead and other participants do not object to it, you will not be able to bring your dog into the Harbour Office (Mon-Fri) and it would not be acceptable to tie your dog up outside.

Why do you not offer concession rates?
The main reason why we do not offer concession rates is we only offer a total of 14 places on each tour in an effort to keep it bespoke and manageable, therefore we must charge at least £10 per participant in order to ensure the tour is financially viable.

IIs there a min/max Number per tour?
The minimum number for any tour is 2, the maximum is 14.

Do I need to be fit?
You just need to be able to walk/wheel/stand up for about 1 hr 45 mins at a reasonable pace (there will be some short breaks in between the walking).

Will the tour take place if it is raining?
Yes, in most cases the tour will take place in even bad weather, in really adverse conditions a risk assessment will be undertaken and tours may be postponed or cancelled.

Please bring along clothing suitable for the weather conditions! If a tour is cancelled by Belfast Mic Tours a full refund will be offered.